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Because we all need a little help sometimes.  Staying at home is a priority for many of us.  CNA Personal Care Services can help by assisting with Activities of Daily Living, helping to create a safe living environment and even assisting with rehabilitation.

A Registered Nurse in Tulsa performs the initial assessment in the client’s home or care setting to make an accurate assessment of the client’s needs.  The RN then supervises the care given to each client throughout the duration of service.  All the caregivers provided by CNA are carefully selected and licensed by the State of Oklahoma.

The services provided by our Caring Certified Home Health Aides include:

  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Grooming & Personal Hygiene
  • Respite Care – to give relief to the  family caregiver
  • Reminders for Medications/Exercises
  • Transportation
  • Social Outings
  • Reading, Conversation & Companionship
  • Care that never sleeps
  • Vital Sign monitoring
  • Fall Risk Assessment



Because we all care about our health.

Foot Care Clinics

  • All services provided by a licensed nurse trained in Foot Care
  • Medical Foot Care is one of the most cost effective and easiest ways to prevent complications of the feet and prevent amputations or diabetes associated complications

Each session consists of:

  • A Warm Water Soak
  • Medical Foot Assessment
  • Trimming &  Filing
  • Cuticle Care
  • Foot Massage to aid increasing circulation to Lower Extremities

Annual Flu and Pneumonia

The single best way to prevent the Flu is to get a Flu Shot.  Flu and Pneumonia Clinics are held throughout the Tulsa Metro Area in Public and work place environments.  Stop by our office at 5424 S. Memorial Drive, Suite C-3. or call us to schedule a Clinic at your work, church or group event.  918-992-6266

ProActive Health

Whether you need a B12 injection, Whooping Cough or Cholesterol Screening, we can help.  Most adult and children’s vaccines are available.  Travel consultations and recommendations for vaccines for the International Traveler by experienced Travel Nurses. Yellow Fever, Meningitis, and Shingle vaccines are also available.


(Baby Basics & Sleep Training)

Because Babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Sweet Babies partners with parents through encouragement and education.

“How do I get my baby to sleep?”

“Is my baby eating enough?”

“Does everyone have this figured out but me?”

“I am so exhausted I almost fell asleep in the pediatrician’s waiting room.”

If any of these sound familiar, give us a call.  During a 2 hour in-home consult, we can work together to devise a schedule working with the body’s natural rhythm.  Sweet Babies is a voice of hope, encouragement, and education as parents strive to make decisions and care for their children.  All consults are performed by Licensed Pediatric Nurses specially trained in ‘Mom’s On Call’ methods.

Sleep   Feed   Laugh   Love   Enjoy!!

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